Cottages for sale in the village of country cottages “Knyazhye Lake”

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Cottage Village “Knyazhye Lake” – a wonderful nature area of Istra: forests, meadows, clear lakes and rivers, mineral springs. Of course, the village is located close to Riga highway, so it’s easy to get as long out of Moscow and the region. However, a clean area coolly creates favorable conditions for living and recreation. Architecture and dizaynKottedzhny settlement “Knyazhye Lake” – is the original solutions in the design of houses, infrastructure, streets and recreation areas. So the village is built on good terms in the same architectural style, but despite that every home is simply unique and unrepeatable. So you have a truly wonderful opportunity to find a vacation home of your dreams. Maybe a really considerable aesthetic pleasure take a walk through the streets of the village, decorated with wrought iron fences really, lamps, beds and other decorative elements. Modern kottedzhiPoselok “Knyazhye Lake” – is vzapravdu country cottages, built on a unique technology is simply using a little bit of modern materials. Besides cottages, as well as sauna and barbeque barbecue, built by “Peregrine”, in general, are resistant to their own way, and sudden temperature changes in the old snow loads. Terms and infrastrukturaKottedzhny settlement “Knyazhye Lake” – a well-developed infrastructure, designed for people with different interests. It seemed, in the village are shopping and sports facilities, beauty salon, a children’s garden with playgrounds, schools and even the Orthodox Church. Of course you can quickly organize your holiday as you want. Cottage Village “Knyazhye Lake” – is absolutely perfect conditions for outdoor activities – fishing, hunting, training in different sports. However, in the village is a hunting club, built a sports complex, which officially includes a gym, swimming pool, billiards, bowling, tennis and even a very, very hockey playground! BezopasnostKottedzhny settlement “Knyazhye Lake” – is perfectly organized system of security. Anyway naprosto clock security the village provides a fairly professional service. Perhaps in her duties include patrolling the streets, electronic monitoring, etc. Finally, in the village are the checkpoint, guard house, Dog Training office. Apartments for sale and cottages in the village of our site you can find the gallery in general, country cottages, and choose for yourself exactly the home that best suits your taste. It seems that here you can not only calm you like to rent a cottage, but to get there vzapravdu elite suburban real estate in the property. “Knyazhye Lake” – is in its own way a modern housing estate class “luxury” with developed infrastructure, modern security systems, and is simply a convenient location. I hope we are waiting for you! Dagger Mortoset

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